How To Stop A Panic Attack In Its Tracks

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Panic attacks are common. And intense. And terrifying.

They can creep up on you when you least imagine, or when you are in a situation that brings up fear, like public speaking or driving in inclement weather. Unfortunately, because stopping panic attacks can seem challenging, they can also cause you to limit your activities to avoid future episodes, and impact your relationships with others.

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5 Ways To Get Better At Trusting Yourself (Which Is Key To Getting What You Need!)

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This morning I was reflecting on a decision I needed to make. As I did so, I stopped myself from my default mode of self-doubt and considered what I truly wanted, and what I needed right now. 

And I made a choice for myself that gave me peace.

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The Real Reason Opposites Attract (Plus: How To Bridge Your Biggest Differences)

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Happy couples often cite common interests, shared values, and strong communications as the glue that keeps them together. It may indeed be easier to be in a relationship with someone more like you.  

But, easier may not be as exciting, fulfilling, or rewarding! 

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5 Questions To Ask A Man To Make Him Truly Feel Loved By You

Is your guy feeling it? How to use powerful questioning to capture his heart forever.

I've been blessed with a relationship that is open, trusting, and intimate. It's not always perfect, and we're both learning.


But one of the best things is the safe place my partner and I create to be unfiltered and to grow as individuals. We can be our true selves, vulnerable and strong.

Would you like to put your relationship on a definite path to bliss but you're not sure where to start? 

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