Take a self-discovery journey with a personality or career assessment. 

Notice What Lights You Up. Focus on Your Strengths. Channel Who You Are. 


I work with a number of tools and instruments that will guide your discovery process including:

Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator - Understand Your Innate Preferences

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Decide which of the 16 personality types resonates with you the most. Unlock the secret to what energizes you, how you prefer to gather information, how you go about making decisions, and how you interact with the world. Discover how to leverage your type and your awareness of others to:

  • Communicate more effectively

  • Create harmonious relationships

  • Choose a career that you love

  • Manage and reduce your stress


Strong Interest Inventory® - Reconnect with Your Interests at Work and Leisure

Explore your basic interests, occupational themes, and personal working styles to discover your best fit.  Find the answer to:

  • What type of work might I enjoy?

  • Are there jobs out there that I might like better?

  • How can I make my job more interesting?

  • Can I get paid doing something I love?

  • What could I do when I retire?

  • What can I do to inject more fun in my life right now?