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Participate in a life-changing workshop.

Attend a workshop on a variety of topics and walk away with greater insight and practical tools to achieve your goals.

Create A Life You Love Workshop & Vision Board Party

Join like-minded people in envisioning, creating, and manifesting your dream life. In this full-day workshop, you will walk away with an inspiring collage representing your goals, aspirations, and heart's desires -- and a practical plan to make it all happen.


What people are saying about Lisa's workshop:

  • “It provides focus so you can see the bigger picture of what is going on, yet narrows in on specific needs in your life at the moment.” - Francesca

  • “A great tool to get on track for the things that are important to you.” - David

  • “Explore your inner self.” - Hatim

    “Great learning experience. I really accomplished something." - Robin

  • “It’s a fun way to focus on yourself.” - Verona

  • “You opened our minds to think outside the box to gain a different perspective.” - Monika

  • “Lisa is very insightful and the session was well developed, paced, and delivered.” - Karima

  • “Lisa is a natural at her craft. Attend. You will not be disappointed.” - Teresa

  • “I felt enriched after taking this time to work on myself. What a wonderful investment in ME! Try it, you'll be glad you did.” - Milena

Other Available Workshops

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  • Your 3 X 5 Life By Design

  • Uncover Your Life Purpose

  • How To Build Your Inner Confidence

  • Awaken Your Heart Magnet

  • Mindfulness In Every Day

  • What To Do With My Life: The Strong Interest Inventory® In Action

  • Enhance Your Relationships With MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)

  • Shine At The Interview

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Online Programs & Virtual Workshops