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What To Do With My Life - Career Exploration Workshop

The Strong Interest Inventory® In Action

The biggest question you will ask yourself: “What should I do with my life?” In this career exploration workshop, you’ll use insights from the world’s most respected and widely used career planning instrument. With more awareness, and a roadmap for uncovering new possibilities, you’ll be on your way to figuring it all out — and doing more of what you love.

Find the answer to these questions:

  • What type of work might I enjoy?

  • Are there jobs out there that I might like better?

  • How can I make my job more interesting?

  • Can I get paid doing something I love?

  • What could I do when I retire?

  • What can I do to inject more fun in my life right now?

Give yourself the time and space to explore these important questions.

After all, life is short. It’s time that you did more of what you love!

The Exploration Formula

First, you will complete the Strong Interest Inventory® assessment (approximately 20-30 minutes).

Then, in a 2-hour, facilitated debrief and workshop, you’ll:

  • Receive an expert walk-through of your 20-page interpretive report

  • Develop a greater understanding of your interest patterns, personality type, and career motivators

  • Identify career options consistent with those interests

  • Learn about your preferences for leadership, learning, risk-taking and teamwork

  • Recognize work environments that might be the best fit

  • Uncover education, training, and volunteer experiences you might enjoy

  • Reconnect with hobbies and recreational activities

  • Identify strategies for career development and exploring your other interests further

You’ll get all of this in a group coaching format – for a fraction of the price of an individual debrief.

It doesn’t stop there!

You’ll walk away with an action plan, as well as the confidence and enthusiasm to chart your course.


Date: Friday, July 26

Time: 10 am to 12 pm

Location: Office146, Etobicoke

Price: $147 (+tax)

Lisa Petsinis is a certified career and life coach (ACC), Certified Career Development Coaching Specialist (CDCS), and Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL). She has worked in the human resources and career development field for 25+ years, and coached and counseled job search participants to create a career and life they love. Lisa is a certified Strong Interest Inventory® and MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type I and II) practitioner, and she is also an expert contributor on various online magazines.

What Are Lisa’s Workshop Participants Are Saying About Her Workshops?

  • “Great learning experience. I really accomplished something."

  • “You opened our minds to think outside the box to gain a different perspective”

  • “Lisa is very insightful and the session was well developed, paced, and delivered.”

  • “Lisa is a natural at her craft. Attend. You will not be disappointed.”

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