How To Get Out Of A Career Rut

Rediscover Marvelous You!

If you set out from school with no real career in mind, you wouldn't be alone.  Many people stumble into jobs and careers, based on what makes sense at the time.  And often it isn’t even related to your area of study.

Then, after being in that line of work for many years, you sit at your desk, or you’re heading into work and boom! You realize that you’re miserable.

But what can you do? You’re invested. You have a mortgage, bills, obligations.  You can’t leave.

Or can you?

Before you do anything drastic, it’s worth doing a deep dive on yourself. This may involve talking to a trusted advisor, a coach, or a family member to get more insight.

It could also mean leveraging a few other resources, such as a career assessment. Some assessments examine personality, some interests, some values; others measure ability and aptitude.

Sometimes you won't find out anything too new about yourself, but the information is packaged and debriefed in a way to bring you deep awareness: an ah-ha moment. 

This process brilliantly allows you to hold up a mirror to yourself.  For example:

  • You may be reminded that your preferred way of interacting with the world is with spontaneity. This means you may prefer tight deadlines, varied assignments, or new experiences.

  • You may be reminded that you prefer to work on your own rather than on teams, or you get your energy from work that allows you to think through a problem very thoroughly.

  • You might be reminded that you possess a great deal of empathy and you are motivated by helping others, and not so much by persuading others in a business setting.

  • You might be reminded that you thrive on making decisions with a degree of risk and at a fast pace.

  • You might be reminded that you have an aptitude for verbal reasoning, as opposed to numerical reasoning, but overall you have tremendous learning agility.

  • You might be reminded that above all else you value teamwork and you need to be in a work environment that puts a premium on that, too.

Whatever you rediscover, let it help you to build a picture of yourself and the wonderfully enriching possibilities ahead. You could be on your way to appreciating your current job more, fine-tuning your career in some way, or building a path in an entirely new and fulfilling direction.

Lisa Petsinis is a certified coach who works with resourceful individuals to get unstuck. Contact her for a free breakthrough coaching call, find out which career assessment is right for you, and create positive change in your life starting today.