My Services

Create a life you love, your way. Here are the ways you can work with me:


life coaching

Experience greater joy and success starting NOW.

If you want to finally cope with stress so you can find your voice and take back the reigns of your life, having someone to guide you through the coaching process can ensure your success. Create a life you love!

Make the best investment of your life: invest in you!


holistic career coaching

Work with me to find your calling and do what you love. We can tap into various career and personality instruments to uncover your passions, strengths, and drivers. You owe it to yourself to love what you do and let your brilliance shine through!

return to work coaching for moms

Explore your return-to-work options after being home with your child, face your feelings head-on, and create a plan to go back with ease and confidence — kicking mommy guilt, perfectionism, insecurity, and other unhelpful things good-bye!

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create your life & Life skills workshops & group coaching

Learn new skills at one of my mini or full-day workshops. You'll be prepared for everything from creating a vision for your life to managing change to communicating better with your partner to finding work/life balance and coping with overwhelm.