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I'm Lisa, a certified life coach who works with women who want to live their best lives.

  • If you feel like you’re walking a tightrope most days, overwhelmed, working tirelessly and trying to do it all, taking care of everyone else except you

  • If you’ve lost yourself in your commitments to your family and work

  • If you want to figure out who you are and be the best version of yourself

i know you’re in there.

Take back your life!

I'm here to get you focused on you and your goals and dreams again.   


you matter

you don’t have to feel defeated and you don’t have to go it alone.

  • Cope with stress, balance life's demands, and take care of your needs — all without feeling guilty!

  • Find yourself again, discover your purpose and create meaning in your life and work!

  • Live your life authentically with confidence, joy, and success!

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but something has to change

Something has to give. Don’t let it be you!

  • Give yourself permission to take care of yourself, go for your goals, and manifest your dreams.

  • Do what’s necessary to finally get unstuck, even if that means getting out of your own way (after all, you can be strong and resourceful AND get help at the same time).

  • Take steps now to turn your life around, move away from overwhelm, isolation, and doubt and move in the direction of clarity, joy, and success.