8 Times When Career Coaching Is The Most Effective Way To Get A Job

Your success strategy.

Job searching can often be a challenging and lonely experience. If you don’t get the results you’re looking for, it can be downright frustrating, discouraging and even anxiety provoking.

Worse still, fear of rejection can make you want to put your head in the sand and give up applying for jobs altogether.

But staying stuck for long is emotionally taxing and unnecessary.

You have knowledge, skills, and abilities to land on your feet and find a great new role. To complement these, you might need a shift in mindset and the expertise of someone who knows exactly what employer’s want. Sometimes it pays to bring in the pros.

Here are the 8 times hiring a career coach is the best way to get unstuck and get you on track to find your next job:

1. You have no idea what direction to take your career.

Lack of clarity is a common dilemma. Many people jump into a job and career after school without really knowing if it’s going to be a great fit long term.

Your circumstances may be different now, and you can either go with what’s secure, or explore a path to greater job satisfaction and joy. Let’s face it; life’s too short not to do what you love.

Hiring a career coach now may be your best bet if you’re thinking of a career change. A coach can shine a light on your strengths, and help you analyze your interests, passions, values, personality type, and work preferences, and open new and rewarding career possibilities. This might involve taking a career or personality instrument and using other tools to guide the process that you might not otherwise be able to access.

You’ll likely benefit for assistance with your résumé and cover letter, also, particularly if your related experience isn’t an obvious match to your target role.

Lastly, charting a new career direction can feel overwhelming especially when family and loved ones aren’t backing up your decision. A career coach is there to stand with you and for you, encouraging you to explore your fears and limiting beliefs, and go for what you want.

2. You’ve sent out dozens of résumés and you haven’t had any activity.

I had one client tell me he’d sent out 100 résumés within a week of losing his job. Volume does not equal success. It’s better to send out a few well-positioned applications than literally wasting your time throwing spaghetti at a wall -- quality matters.

If you have been applying for jobs and not getting a reasonable response, you might want to think about a shift in strategy. This is where an experienced career coach comes in. Working with a coach, you’ll have an opportunity to revisit your job search approach and marketing materials and craft a compelling story about why you should get hired for your dream job.

3.  You’re not getting invitations to in-person interviews.

Your application may be sparking initial interest with employers, but if you’re not getting past the initial phone screen, something is up. Now is the time to call a career coach to help you deconstruct what’s happening and get you back on track. You’ll work on projecting your fit when first impressions couldn’t count more.

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4.  You’re uncomfortable networking.

You can work the online job boards and search engines, but the reality is that you’re very likely to find a job through a business or personal contact. Fact: networking is critical to your job search success.

If the thought of introducing yourself, tooting your horn, and schmoozing at events scares the heck out of you, a coach can help you get over the realities and perceptions of successful networking. Your coach will align your personality type and preferences to ways to meaningfully connect with others in a way that won’t stress you out.

5.   You’re a technophobe.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile or you’ve never heard of an ATS, you might want to call for backup and a few lessons to get you more comfortable with and efficient using technology as part of your job search.

6.   You’re not getting any job offers.

No offer means that something is getting in the way of employers seeing you as a fit or you’re not presenting your best self during the interview. A career coach can work with you to build your confidence and improve the way you communicate your credentials and competencies to the hiring team.

You need someone who will break it down for you, work with you to anticipate interview questions and prepare responses to challenge questions, do mock interviews with you, and give you direct feedback about how you are coming across.


Even if you’re super nervous, with a career coach’s help, you can learn to shine at the interview – and win the job!

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7.  Your offers don’t meet your expectations.

If you’re getting through to the offer stage but end up dissatisfied with unmet salary expectations, this is another chance to bring in a career expert. The two of you can explore market compensation, dealing with the dreaded salary question earlier on in the process, communicating your value, and negotiating the best possible offer.

8.   You’ve had a string of jobs that don’t fit.

Some of my clients have the challenge of having sold themselves a little too well and getting job offers for jobs that aren’t actually right for them. They end up miserable, and ultimately, their managers are dissatisfied with their performance or their overall suitability.

Don’t let this be you. Change the tide: Hire a coach to do a deep dive on your ideal job and work environment and avoid making the same mistakes again.

Take note: a career coach is no magician. You will always need to do the heavy lifting. However, with some proven strategies and tools and the right mindset, you’ll be well on your way to landing your next job.


Lisa Petsinis is a certified coach (ACC), a certified Human Resources leader, and a certified career development specialist who works with individuals who want to create a career and life they love. Visit her website to learn more about her signature programs and services, contact her for a breakthrough coaching call, or sign up for her newsletter for even more inspiration.