How To Declutter Your Space (So You Can Make Room For More Joy And Abundance)

Declutter your space and your life, and make room for abundance!

Little do you know the clutter in your house, office or mind may be blocking you from success and fulfillment in your life, however you define these. 

What is getting in your way? Your messy, unmatched sock drawer, or your stack of bills to be paid and filed away, or something more significant? Bit by bit these annoyances can build up consciously or unconsciously. Psychic vampires, such as clutter, can suck the life out of each day.

So how to begin? 

Set aside even just 10 minutes to clean out a drawer or closet and you will be amazed at the difference it will make in your mood. However, the real power comes from treating tidying up as a special occasion. My clients tell me that once they’ve tidied up, addressed an energy drainer, and adopted a new way of thinking about their personal effects and ultimately their lives, something amazing happened to them. They decided to make other important changes or they were open to experiencing new things. They imagined possibilities and attracted positivity.

The first step is to visualize your ideal environment. Close your eyes and imagine. How do you want your space to look, what do you want to see, how do you want to feel in it, how might it smell?

Then, consider your actual stuff.  In the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo describes her method to simplify and organize your home. She advocates a category by category system, for example, starting with clothes, then books, then papers, then mementos. The idea is to go through all similar items altogether. 

But instead of thinking about each item's utility now or in the future, do this:  Pick up each one and really feel it, look at it with new eyes, and ask yourself, “Does it spark joy?”  If yes, keep it. If not, either toss or donate the item. She claims that we hold onto things because of an attachment to the past or a fear of the future. What is the pattern of your life?

In terms of organizing what you keep, Kondo believes it is best to keep similar items together in your space (for example, keep all books in one room) and display items vertically so that you can clearly see them.

Clothes should be hung from longest to shortest and from dark to light. She has adapted many principles from Feng Shui and believes that by organizing your environment you will invite good fortune. 

When you surround yourself with things that bring you joy, you will be creating an environment that motivates, soothes, and stirs you. She closes with “life truly begins after you put your house in order.”

I wholeheartedly agree. Decluttering is not simply an exercise in eliminating excess and organizing one’s material things. It is a quest to examine and reconnect with what matters in your life and let yourself truly shine through. 

Your space will embody all your passions. Whether that includes to-die-for shoes, a rare book collection, love letters, or a solitary rose - this is your life. 

Happy tidying up!

Lisa Petsinis is a certified coach who works with resourceful individuals who want to get unstuck and live their best life. Contact her for a free breakthrough coaching call and jumpstart the changes in your life starting today.