4 Powerful Ways To Declutter Your Life

Work from the inside out.

Typically, people think of decluttering their home. They go from room to room, picking up objects and determining if they have been used or will be useful in the future. They also consider whether the items bring them joy.

But what not be considered so often is what else needs to be cleared out of your life. Before you tackle the usual stuff, it may serve you better to think about decluttering the inside stuff – your inner world and thoughts – so that you can grow as a person, and later approach decluttering the physical stuff with a new lens.

Each spring, before new plants can be free to grow, the debris needs to be taken away.  The same is true for your growth. You need to clear out what no longer serves you in your life - old goals, old limiting beliefs, old patterns, old commitments, old guilt - and whatever else is holding you back from experiencing your true potential.  You can journal it out, throw it out, ceremonially burn it out - just get rid of it so that you can be finally free to move forward.

Set aside some quiet time with a notebook to reflect on your life as it is. Then, open your heart to the wonderful possibilities ahead.

Here are some ways to declutter that can have a life-changing impact:

1.        Reflect on your goals for this year.

  • What have you accomplished so far this year?

  • What needs fine-tuning?

  • What needs more focus?

  • What is getting in the way or holding you back?

  • What is no longer a priority? What's an emerging priority?

2.       Consider the relationships in your life.

  • Which relationships are pulling you down?

  • Which ones energize you and you want to invest more in?

  • What can you do to revitalize your love relationship or search for a new one?

  • How is your relationship with yourself?

3.       Examine old hurts, self-imposed barriers, and regrets.

  • What can you let go of?

  • What can you give a fresh look or a restart?

4.       Take stock of your self-care routine.

  • What do you need to take care of physically? Make that Dr. appointment you've been meaning to make, get a massage, or make a commitment to yourself to exercise or get more sleep.

  • What are you doing to nourish your body, so that it can give you energy, happiness, and health?

  • What are you doing to feed your soul? What brings you joy and how can you inject more of that into your life?

When you take a closer look at your life, you may realize that you’re on the right track, you have an abundance of good in your life, and so much opportunity to bring in more of what you love. Bit by bit, by decluttering your life -- not just your home -- you can make room for what really matters, what really serves you, and the greatness that lies ahead.

Lisa Petsinis is a certified coach who works with resourceful individuals who want to get unstuck and realize their aspirations. Contact her for a free breakthrough coaching call and jumpstart the changes in your life starting today.