Stop Letting the Wrong Job Bring You Down

Don't give up on you!

Perhaps you’ve been there? Putting your foot on the gas when there’s a hole in your gas tank? In a dysfunctional place where you don't feel you can be authentically you? Or something a little less dramatic -- in a simply boring, dreadful job.

You deserve to be in a job that fulfills you AND pays the bills. 

You deserve a job you love!

Does that prospect seem impossible to you?  It’s not.

What’s the consequence of continuing in a job that doesn’t inspire you? You got it. Misery.  Feeling like a failure. Starting to believe that you are unworthy and incapable. And a whole lot of snow-balling negative beyond that.

You are definitely not a failure. Everyone has something unique to offer. And whether you bring it to the world as a self-employed person or as an employee in a company that deserves you, that choice is up to you!

The first step is to REALLY get to know yourself. So many times, I’ve heard people tell me with exasperation that they've sent out 100 resumes and nothing happened. It’s no wonder! They really weren’t targeting against something they truly wanted or were evitably right for. 

I invite my clients to take a step back and invest in themselves before they launch a job search campaign. They need to figure out who they are and what they really, really want first. If not, they will end up in another dead-end, mismatched job that they will regret.

So, what does really getting to know yourself entail?  It involves uncovering the following:

  • Your Values – What is important to you?
  • Your Purpose – What were you meant to do in this world? 
  • Your Personality – What are your innate preferences and patterns of behaving?
  • Your Interests and Passions – What lights you up and gives you energy? Where and how would you love to do it?

I liken this getting to know yourself process to opening a jigsaw puzzle box. Some of the pieces are turned up; some are upside down. On some pieces you can clearly see an image; otherwise, you must put a few together before you see the image emerge.

Depending on our own level of self-awareness, you can piece it all together on your own to determine your career direction. Other times, you can benefit from the guidance of a coach to work with you to illuminate these critical career factors, weigh your options, create an action plan that will ensure your success – and last but not least, stand with you on your journey.

Lisa Petsinis is a certified career and life coach. Contact Lisa today for a complimentary exploratory call to learn more about her coaching services and her Career Exploration Program. Uncover your perfect work and inject more joy into your career and life. You're worth it!

How To Uncover Your True Life Purpose

Are you wondering if there is something more in life; something you were meant to do?

There is. And there is. You have a unique gift and you were put on earth to share it. Let it take its course this year.

I was once where you are. Wondering if work and life were supposed to be hard. I told myself that when I fulfilled all my commitments, I would do more to enjoy my life.

Fortunately, it is never too late to realize that you can do work you love and feel like you are creating something meaningful. And working in alignment with yourself doesn’t feel hard. In fact, it’s significantly less hard than the whole lot of pain and drudgery associated with being in the wrong job. You’re more worthy than that!

Landing that dream job and building a career that inspires you can be straightforward. The keys are self-awareness, finding your inner guidance, stopping self-limiting beliefs, and making a promise to yourself to live out your purpose once you do uncover it.

Become a student of yourself. 

Who are you? Use various assessment tools and inquiry questions to uncover what your needs are, what you value, how you operate, what you’re great at, and what your passions are. 

Consider who your role models are and why. We often reflect their characteristics and exploring them can give us profound insights into who we are and what we’re meant to do.

Another exercise is to think back to when you were a child. What did you like to do; what brought you joy? Often, we get clues about our purpose from our childhood, before family and society placed expectations on us. 

Find your inner guidance. 

Sometimes this is the most challenging step. Our minds are full of chatter. Block out the should, would, could and connect to a deeper knowing. 

A great way to do this is to meditate. Put your hand on your heart, close your eyes, take a deep breath and think about times when you felt on purpose

When we are aligned with our purpose, we feel whole, light and alive. And when we compromise our integrity and don’t live in alignment with our purpose, we will know it in our body, heart, mind, and soul.

Get out of your own way. 

Stop your limiting beliefs and get on with it! Remember that you are just as worthy as anyone to live a meaningful life. Write out your life purpose on 3X5 cards and leave them where you will see them such as your bathroom mirror, in your car, in your day timer. 

Use affirmations like, “I am enough. I am worthy. I am making a difference. I will live the life of my dreams.”

When you make a promise to yourself to live with passion and purpose, you enrich the world.

Say yes to yourself -- you're worth it.

Lisa Petsinis is a certified coach. She works will strong, resourceful people who want to get what they want in their lives. Check out her website for upcoming workshops on how to design your life and live with intention. Contact Lisa or sign up for her newsletter for even more advice.